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María Orriols

Head of communication and marketing

Q: You’re head of communication and marketing for the San Telmo Group. What impact do these areas have on the end product?
A: On almost everything. Each of our restaurants has a very strongly established position, aimed at a specific type of target diner, depending on the restaurant, the type of cuisine and its location. Everything we do has to be consistent with that. From the interior design, to the design of the menus, the gastronomic range and the prices, the type of service we offer and how we communicate, among many other things.

Q: How would you describe the San Telmo Group’s DNA? And the DNA of each particular restaurant?
A: The San Telmo Group has a young spirit but almost of 20 years experience, and it’s made up of a group of people who love good food and gastronomy. Its hallmarks have been honest, unpretentious cuisine, based on the product, ever since it was established. They are beautiful spaces with their own personality, where you can eat well, at a reasonable price and surrounded by a good atmosphere.
Each restaurant has its own personality. El Canalla is a bustling winery, Café San Telmo is a classic urban cafeteria, Tantarantana is a bohemian bistro with tapas and wines, Palosanto is a new style taverna with dishes where we offer Mediterranean cuisine fused with other cultures, Kokka is clandestine and romantic, and Big Kokka is sophisticated yet lively.

Q: Tell us your favourite dish at each restaurant.
A: In El Canalla I love the grilled artichokes, at the Cafe San Telmo the Saint Germain burger, the scrambled eggs at Tantarantana, the ceviche at Kokka, the carpaccio of veal, mushrooms and anticucho sauce at Palosanto, and at Big Kokka, although it’s difficult to choose, my recent favourite has been the Iberian pork rib cooked at a low temperature, with sweet potatoes and Creole sauce.